Autumn Road Trip in Australia: What are the Best Places To Visit?

The Australian Embassy in The Netherlands noted that many Australian places come to life like never before in the autumn. The season creates the optimal conditions that enable these sites to bloom to their maximum potential and overflow with stunning grandeur.

“It is wonderful to see Australia in autumn, especially with a beautiful fashion style that matches the breathtaking surroundings. This is perfect for images and documentation.” says fashion trend expert Isaiah Burke of Beach Umbrella—Australia’s top summertime lifestyle brand.

Regardless of where you want to travel, autumn is one of the most colourful times to visit Australia. Visit at least one or two of these must-see fall places while you’re out and about to make the most of it, but remember to be safe.

1. Victoria’s Yarra Valley

At this time of year, the Yarra Valley’s vines’ leaves are changing into vivid shades of crimson and gold, making a trip there worthwhile merely to see this one-of-a-kind explosion of colour. Enjoy a stunning hot air balloon journey for breathtaking views of this picturesque wine region in Victoria before you set off on a full day of wine tasting and touring your choice of the 80 wineries in the area.

2. Tasmania’s Hobart

A trip to Hobart in the fall is a visual treat. Visit the historic neighbourhood of Salamanca to see local trees lit up in fiery hues of red, orange, or gold, or head to the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens, which are only fifteen minutes from Hobart, to take in a variety of venerable tree species.

3. Orange, NSW

This small country village, only 3.5 hours from Sydney, is a must-see in the fall, solely based on the name. Enjoy the best food and wine the nation offers while seeing trees with vibrant leaves.

4. Perth, Western Australia’s Margaret River

The best time to explore this cultural region of Western Australia is in April. Visit the yearly wine festival, which features the best wines from the area and locally grown fresh food. Row after row of crimson and gold vines will also be available for your enjoyment, making for the ideal autumn photo opportunity.

5. New South Wales’s Hunter Valley

Pick up your RV in the Sydney location of Cruising and travel to the best wine region of the state. Harvest time occurs in the fall when the vines in the area take on beautiful shades of red and orange. April is a great month and hosts some of the region’s top wine and food events.

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