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How To Overcome The Fear Of Driving?

Phobias and fears are commonplace in our lives. Statistically speaking, one out of seven or almost 12% of Australians has a particular phobia, such as a fear of driving.

Phobias and fears are commonplace in our lives. Statistically speaking, one out of seven or almost 12% of Australians has a particular phobia, such as a fear of driving.

Although it’s rational to relate the fear of driving a car to an accident still, there are many other reasons why you might feel anxious or afraid when driving a car.

Regardless of the driving situation, according to Alister Clare, a driving counsellor at Credit Capital, “Many people are reluctant to drive since they are afraid of something bad happening. Furthermore, this profound apprehension is often more severe and incapacitating than the panic or concern induced by feelings of anxiety or stress. However, if left unchecked and unaddressed, your fear of driving a car can impair daily activities and lead to several long-term health problems.”

That being the case, here are few helpful hints to make you relax every time you get your hands on the wheel.

Hire A Driving Instructor

You’d be surprised by how much people fear driving a car because they lack driving skills. Getting a knowledgeable and compassionate driving mentor in the passenger seat would boost your confidence.

Your driving instructor can give you some driving tips and discuss any possible risks. Hearing a specialist while navigating the road can be a relaxing feeling in and of itself. Besides, an instructor’s guidance helps you to focus entirely on driving.

Attend A Driver’s Education Course

Many people are afraid to drive because they’re inexperienced and are unaware of their abilities. This is a compelling excuse to enroll in a driver’s education course—If you think hiring a driving instructor isn’t enough

Most of these driving courses use digital reality glasses to help students gain confidence and cover most driving lessons of what student drivers need to understand to be proficient and responsible drivers. Aside from that, you’ll get real driving time to gain expertise behind the wheel whilst being accompanied by a trained mentor.

Establish A Relaxing Atmosphere In Your Car

A relaxing atmosphere inside your car makes you feel at ease whether it’s moving or not. Before you start driving, wear something comfortable. Try listening to relaxing songs as it will help you get through a panic attack and block out the sounds from the road.

When there are disruptive noises, even the most relaxed driver can become nervous. So make sure your car is quiet and clear of garbage or clutter. Also, see to it that your car receives all maintenance work to enhance your sense of security when driving.

Drive It Till You Make It

This is a bold move, but it can do the trick! Get your car running and drive comfortably (but staying within the speed limit) while concentrating on feeling relaxed, positive, and free. Besides, driving is about having the freedom to drive whenever you want, wherever you want.

Going out and taking the road can be incredibly liberating at times. It’s a wonderful feeling that everybody should have the opportunity to experience. After all, driving, like almost everything in life, is trial and error. Consider it like completing a toolbox —one tool at a time.

Where To Find Help To Overcome Your Driving Phobia?

Your fear of driving a car, like other similar phobias, may disrupt your everyday routine and negatively impact your wellbeing. The good news is that you can learn to go and get confident with your driving skills.

At Adelaide West Driver Training in South Australia, we understand what it’s like to be learning to drive for the first time; we’ve all been there. Our driving instructors are available to assist you in achieving your driving goals at your own pace. We’re here to support you become the secure and assured driver you need to be. So call us or book an appointment and let’s seal that fear of driving off. 

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