Driving in Australia as a Tourist

Driving in Australia as a Tourist

According to the South Australian Government, you must always have your license and passport and check your motor vehicle registration and licensing details. Driving on unfamiliar roads can raise the likelihood of an accident if you’re a tourist and overseas visiting driver. Being mindful of your surroundings, the flow of traffic, and other driving laws is essential. If you travel in the wrong direction, pull over in a safe area, figure out where you are, and reroute.

The most economical method to travel to Australia is to get a cheap car and buy third-party property insurance. “Car insurance packages tailor your driving style and provide security in cases of accidents. You can save more money if you drive more cautiously,” says car insurance specialist Lauren Murphy of Car Insurance Quote–Australia’s top car insurance provider.

As a short-term visitor, you can drive in Australia with an international driving license and apply for an Australian license once your foreign license expires. However, you should observe and follow Australian road rules. Here are some driving tips and requirements for tourists traveling to Australia.

1. Driving Requirements

The International Driver’s Association asserts that overseas visitors may drive in Australia for up to three months as long as the foreign driver’s license is in English. Otherwise, an international driving permit is necessary. Always bring your passport if your foreign driver’s license doesn’t have a photo. Additionally, you will need to get third-party personal car insurance.

Northern Territory requires a person to seek either an exemption from possessing a local license or receive a driver’s license issued by the Northern Territory after three months. A foreign driver does not have to obtain an Australian-issued driver’s license unless their visa or citizenship status changes or their current license expires. Drivers must also adhere to restrictions on their international driving license and are only permitted to operate the vehicles under their permit grants.

2. Road Rules

Although Australia’s six states and two territories’ jurisdictions share a lot of commonalities, there are differences in the driving rules. To give way to the right, Australians drive on the left. Keep the car in the left lane unless you are overtaking another vehicle. The speed limit will be lower the more restricted parking is. The police in Australia frequently stop cars for random roadside inspections to check for car safety and driver’s valid licenses in wet weather conditions. Additionally, they randomly inspect drivers to ensure they haven’t consumed alcohol or other substances.

3. Driving Safely

Everyone in a vehicle must, without exception, wear a seat belt in Australia. Not only are seat belts one of the best methods to keep you safe in a car, but you’ll also face a steep fine if found driving with someone not buckled up. It’s also illegal to use your phone while driving. Most states require that drivers keep their hands off their phones unless they are using an authorised phone cradle.

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