5 Tips to Speed Up Learning to Drive

Having a driver’s licence gives you a sense of freedom, individuality, and success. However, it may be a frustrating experience when things fall out of place. There are so many laws to follow that even the most inexperienced driver will soon realise that driving involves much more than simply stepping on the pedal and shifting gears.

But mind you, learning to drive should not be an uphill battle. Speed up your learning to drive experience with these five helpful tips.

1.   Don’t Delay Your Provisional Licence Application

If you don’t have a temporary licence, you can’t call yourself a “driver in training.” Remember that even though we’re all about fast, don’t rush through the licensing process. If you make any mistakes or leave out any information, you may have to start over from the beginning. Your provisional driving licence should come in 2 weeks or less once you’ve completed the necessary steps.

2.   Take a Crash Course in Driving

If you aim to learn to drive faster, you can either increase the number of hours you spend in your standard hourly lessons or enrol in intensive driving classes. They are often the best and fastest method to acquire a driver’s licence. This is a far superior alternative to a series of monthly, one-hour classes. You can learn to drive in a few short weeks by taking intensive driving classes that include at least 3-hour lessons per week. You’ll be more prepared for your exam in less time if you follow our advice.

3.   Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Test

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Don’t rush into anything, even if you’re ecstatic about getting your licence. Make sure you’re prepared for the exam.

Mason Burt, an automotive enthusiast from a local car loan company Ask Funding, notes, “It may seem counterintuitive to want to learn to drive as quickly as possible, but being practical, organised, and willing to put in the time are the keys to getting your driver’s licence as soon as possible. You won’t earn your licence any sooner by speeding through the process and scheduling your exams on the earliest possible date. In fact, it has the potential to slow down the overall procedure significantly.”

Take sufficient driving lessons to ensure that you can handle all aspects of the road. Lastly, check with your teacher before deciding on a schedule for your test drive.

4.   Learn from Your Mistakes

Even though mistakes are unavoidable, it is important not to linger on them. Even if you stall the car under pressure or do a technique incorrectly, it’s critical to maintain your composure and not be concerned about what other people think. They, too, were once in the same circumstance and should empathise with your situation.

You can get away with specific errors on a driving exam as long as you correct them and respond safely and appropriately. Reacting calmly is a crucial skill to learn.

5.   Plan Ahead by Scheduling your Tests

When it comes to driving, even if you aim to master it in a short period, you need to look long-term. Lessons must be organised in a certain way to accommodate the two assessments that students must take (theoretical and practical). To schedule a skills test, you must first pass the theory exam. It’s best to arrange this appointment when your provisional licence arrives at your local centre.

Where to Enrol for Driving Lessons?

Let Adelaide West Driver Training take you to the next level of driving, helping you boost confidence in taking the road while keeping safety in mind. Make that first step and contact us to get you through the process.

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