Safe Driving During Holiday Season

In the run-up to the holidays, more individuals are behind the wheel, and more distractions are at play than at any other time. In fact, according to the latest statistics, the overall number of road fatalities in Australia for the fiscal year that ended April 30, 2021, was 1,133—a marginal rise over the previous year.

“Even though the rate of vehicular accidents decreases significantly on the day of the celebration, the days leading up to it witness an increase as more drivers pack the roads. During Holidays you’ll share the road with more vehicles, whether they’re visiting relatives, going to the mall, or attending a holiday party. Which means you’ll have to look out for increased driving threats,” says the professional driver and used car broker Burke Wilson of Great Rides.

Even seasoned and cautious drivers are vulnerable to the various dangers on the road. Weather and traffic may derail even the best-laid efforts, and other drivers pose a greater risk as the holiday season approaches. 

Here are numerous ways drivers can keep themselves and their families safe on the road this Holiday season.

1. Drive Cautiously

During holiday seasons, it’s not like every driver is at their best, so pay extra attention to the road and drive carefully. It would be best to observe and practice the following while driving;

  • Reduce distractions like using your phone, which is particularly important now that several cities and territories have made it illegal to use a cellphone while driving. 
  • Stop for an additional beat at stoplights and intersections, then move gently, keeping an eye out for other cars. 
  • To minimize the chance of an accident, provide sufficient space between vehicles and allow drivers to merge when possible. 
  • If you intend to drink, arrange a plan for alternative means of transport to prevent driving while intoxicated.

2. Take An Early Departure

Traffic may develop quickly from out of nowhere and derail meticulously planned itineraries in seconds. Allow additional time by leaving early and plan alternative routes in the event of traffic, car damage, or bad weather. While GPS software might be helpful, having maps on hand is also a smart idea if mobile coverage is unavailable.

3. Watch Your Speed 

According to the World Health Organization, every 1% increase in speed doubles a driver’s chances of an accident by 2%, severe injury by 3%, and death by 4%. Thus, it would be best to allow yourself ample time and space to adjust to traffic while driving this holiday season.

4. Drive Defensively

Holiday traffic may be aggravating, as can holiday road conditions. Allowing frustrated and aggressive drivers to overtake you or proceed through the junction ahead of you will help you maintain control over the situation. 

5. Maintain Your Vehicle

The harsh conditions of snow, ice, and gravel on the roadways during the holiday months are very difficult for vehicles. There are typically just seconds to react when an accident occurs, so it’s critical to be prepared. Check your gas, wheels, brakes, and oil beforehand to guarantee a safe trip. Moreover, double-check that the car seats and seat belts are secured if you’re traveling with kids. 

Drive Safely This Holiday Seasons With AWDT!

This Holiday season, remember that although you have the freedom to travel, you must also be responsible. Avoid taking undue risks with alcohol or cell phones, and remember that being late is more acceptable than not showing up at all.

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